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What is Fashion Merchandising?

Once the Fashion Marketers have identified the target group for a new line of clothing, how do they decide when and where to sell them? How do these clothes make it into the stores and malls where you and I can find them? This is the job of the Fashion Merchandiser.

Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising go hand-in-hand. Fashion Merchandisers must also be able to predict styles and trends and evaluate the needs of a target market. However, whereas the Fashion Marketer identifies such needs in order to build more successful advertising campaigns to attract consumers, the Fashion Merchandiser is responsible for actually buying the clothes and presenting them in the stores.



Fashion Merchandisers must also be very creative and forward thinking. One of the jobs of a Fashion Merchandiser is ‘Visual Merchandising’: shaping the mood of a store or runway with lighting and displays to aid and encourage consumers with their purchase. Fashion Merchandising is the hands-on job of selecting which designer lines and clothes will be featured and determining how these are best presented.

Careers for A Fashion Merchandising Degree

A lot of people either have no clue what they can do with a fashion merchandising degree, or they only think that they can be a fashion designer. Whichever side of the coin you fall on, there are a lot of options that you can look into after getting a fashion merchandising degree.

The majority of fashion merchandising majors go into either retail or art and design. A few of the others get into buying within the fashion industry. Those that have a great eye for art can also get into the visual display creation. They will be seen by people that walk by or shop at that particular location. Others that get the degree can go into marketing and advertising, along with writing and editing within the fashion industry as well.

Those that have larger aspirations can even open up their own boutique. But, that is a very competitive market to enter, and it can be extremely hard to see the kind of success that most people dream of.

The majority of jobs within the fashion industry can be found in New York and California, as those are the two hubs in the United States as far as fashion goes.

If you are interested in writing, you can become a fashion editor or copywriter. Those that want to work with textiles can become a textile designer, a textile merchandising executive, or even a textile testing specialist. Those that want to be on the retail side of things can become a retail manager or salesperson, or a department manager. There are also buyers and fashion consultants, along with costume designers and Internet sales. Not to mention marketing and research. The possibilities are endless.