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What is Fashion Marketing?

How do the clothes reach the public and the target consumers after they are designed and fabricated? That is where the Fashion Marketing team comes in. Fashion Marketing combines the elements of advertising, design and business administration, as well as a solid understanding of the fashion world, in order to take a new clothing line and get it the attention it needs to be successful.

Who would be more interested in a red A-line skirt with blue embroidery: a new mother or a 15 year-old girl? These are the questions a good Fashion Marketer must be prepared to ask and answer when working with a new clothing line. Fashion Marketers have a good sense of popular culture and on what will be stylish in the future. In a sense, they are the visionaries of the field who not only recognize what will be successful and which consumer group will be the most interested, but know how to market the clothes to these target groups.



Most of Fashion Marketing is behind-the-scenes: keeping abreast of fashion trends and consumer buying habits; putting together advertising campaigns that target specific consumer groups and appeal to their tastes; being mindful of the broader picture of the fashion world and what new style innovations are being introduced into the field. Fashion Marketers are the savvy idea people, the connectors between the designers and their public.