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What is Fashion Design?

The fashion designers are the artists of the industry, the creative individuals with an eye for color, texture and line, and an innovative sense of style. But there is so much more that goes into creating a fashion masterpiece than most people realize.

Fashion design begins with the designer’s vision that is brought to paper and worked through multiple drafts. Once a final sketch is made the designer must consider the different materials and textures available and anticipate how the piece will fall on a three-dimensional body. After the material has been selected, the pattern is cut from the cloth and sewn together. Finally, after many incarnations and considerations the designer’s vision has been brought to life.



However, each step along the way requires special training in order to construct a reality from a vision. In addition, today much of fashion design is being aided by the use of computers and design programs, all of which require technical skill and experience in addition to creativity.