What does a Fashion Designer do?

A fashion designer makes pants, dresses, suits, and skirts. They can work in jewelry, accessory, or clothing design. There is no end to the number of things you can do with a fashion designer career. Some fashion designers have roles in several areas all at once. They’re very creative and talented. Costume design is another specialization area for movie, theater, and television productions.

There are over 20,000 fashion designers that have employment in the United States. Most of them work at manufacturers and wholesalers. Some of them have jobs in retail stores, theater companies, dance companies, and design firms. Full-time careers are the most common, but there are also part-time jobs available. Some designers run their own companies. When there’s a fashion show that’s coming up, or there is a deadline that is fast approaching, they have to work extremely long periods, whether or not they have part-time jobs, full-time jobs, or they operate their own business.



If you want to be the next household name, like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, or Vera Wang, your chances are pretty low. There are some designers that are household names, but of them are not known to the public. They work to create the works that are behind the well-known companies.

Most of the jobs are seen in the big cities, like Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York, and you should expect to move to a new city if you want to be a high-end fashion designer. You need to plan on stacking up frequent flyer miles too. Travel is just a part of the job for most fashion designers. You will need to go to trade shows and fashion shows, and you will have to visit countries where there are factories that make the accessories and clothing.

You don’t have to have any college education to get a job as a fashion designer, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help. Even though formal education isn’t necessary to enter into this field, there are a lot of candidates who will start to compete against you for employment, and they will probably have a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s fashion design degree or some kind of related field. If you choose to get a degree, then your coursework would include fashion history, tailoring and sewing, textiles, color, and computer-aided design (also known as CAD). Students will learn about the many different kinds of clothing like footwear and menswear.

There are some other requirements to be a fashion designer. An internship might be a very valuable thing to get if you want to get some education, because it could be a very valuable addition to it. You can also get a lot of experience when you work as the assistant of a fashion designer.

With the addition of technical skills that one can learn in the classroom or the design floor in an internship, or as an assistant, an individual has to have several features to really have some success in this occupation. The first thing that they have to have is artistic utility. A designer has to be able to transition a design from a little kernel into an illustration that’s physical, and they then have to form a prototype that the completed product will be taken from. Creativity is definitely one of the most important things because you wouldn’t be able to come up with those ideas to begin with if you didn’t have creativity. Designers usually have to work together in teams. They have to have excellent communication skills. CAD is becoming a lot more important in the world of fashion, and designers have to be able to use this new technology. Someone has to be oriented to detail because this trait is necessary when it comes to slight differences in textures and fabric colors.

There are opportunities for advancement in this career. Beginning designers often start their careers when they work with people that have a lot more experience. They might work as sketching assistants or pattern makers. When they get more experience, they can transition into supervisory positions, and they can become chief designers or design department leads.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics isn’t very excited about the job growth in this field. They think that fashion designers will jump just a little, if any amount, through the year 2020. There will be a lot of competition for careers in this area. Be wary of it before you sign up in this field. You might find some trouble getting a job when you are first starting out.

The median annual salary for a fashion designer is $65,000, or about $31/hour. That puts it on the list of the occupations that are the highest-paying that don’t require a degree. Although, you have to be aware that the majority of people do have a degree.

What is it like in the average day of a fashion designer? On an average day, a fashion designer might have a lot of tasks that are assigned to them, and they include the coordination and direction of workers who cut and draw patterns and make samples or finished garments. They might examine some garments off models and on models, and they might modify their designs to find the right effects. They might also sketch detailed or rough drawings of accessories or apparel, and they might write up the specifications like material types, construction, color schemes, and accessory requirements. They might confer with management and executives in sales or private clients to get the right design ideas too. They might look for target markets with the designs that they are offering like gender, age, and socioeconomic status. They might go to fashion sows and review trade magazines to get the information they need about consumer preferences and fashion trends. They might also work in the selection of production techniques and materials for their products. A costume designer will research the periods and styles of clothing that is needed for theatrical and film productions.

The job of a fashion designer is exciting and fun. Consider getting into it if you are serious about making a positive difference in fashion style.