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Visual Merchandiser – Careers Within Fashion

A career as a visual merchandiser is a creative opportunity to express yourself and one of the more under-rated careers within the fashion industry. It is the visual merchandiser’s job to decide just how the accessories and clothing are to be displayed in stores. It is their job to ensure that customers are going to be able to see what they need to see and have everything set up in an attractive manner. They do a lot of work staging and setting up the areas that will be used for the selling of certain products. They also have to work closely with store managers, marketers, and salespeople in order to make sure they are reaching the effectiveness that they need to reach to see success with the sales of their products. If not, they may have to adjust the plan on the fly.

The annual salary of a visual merchandiser comes in at $35,000 to $55,000, depending on the experience that person has and the company that they will be working for. Location plays a factor with this career salary as it does with most of the careers in the fashion industry. If you are on either the west coast or the east coast, you are probably going to make more as they are more influential and have a larger client base when it comes to fashion.



The requirements for this career are going to vary, much like with the career of just about anyone in this country. High school diplomas and GEDs are going to be required, and also a background check is usually completed prior to employment. You will often run into companies that are going to require that you have some sort of college degree. It will be even more of a bonus if this degree is in marketing or fashion design. It is also going to make a huge difference if you have some sort of experience related to merchandising, and the degree requirement may even be overlooked if you are able to show that you have this kind of experience.