Top 10 Fashion Designers

It can be difficult to sort through all the different fashion designers that are out there right now because there are so many. There are designers for every market and for every person from designers that cater to the older generation – ideal for dressing your mother or grandmother – to designers that cater to infants – ensuring that your newborn baby is in style as soon as she or he pops out into this world!

However, all designers are not created equally. The younger generation can’t just pick a fashion designer and expect that they create clothing for them, as not all designers cater to the younger twenty-something generation. So, if you are in the younger generation, which fashion designers do you need to keep a close eye on?



Below, you’ll find 10 of the top must-watch fashion designers for young individuals. While not all of these designers are actually young (though many are), these are just fashion designers that cater to the younger generation. Keep in mind, this list goes in no particular order, no ranking, nothing. Each one has something incredibly unique to offer to young individuals and are all inspiring in their own way. Hopefully, you’ll find someone that you love, or maybe even a couple.

  1. Balenciaga – This fashion house is one of the greatest for the younger generation as it is one of the more modern lines. Balenciaga has been in business since about 1919, but only transformed to a modern brand when fashion mastermind and creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere took over. If you’ve never been to a Balenciaga show, then you are truly missing out. You aren’t going to find a collection that you can wear day in and day out, but you will find something that is incredibly stimulating.
  2. Betsey Johnson – Probably the most well known amongst the younger generation, Betsey Johnson has been around with funky, high-spirited and over-the-top designs and styles for years. She has devoted fans worldwide thanks to her fun, vibrant and sexy clothes that are wearable for almost any occasion. Plus, for a designer line, the clothes are pretty affordable. There’s really nothing to love when it comes to this fashion designer!
  3. Marc Jacobs – Cutting-edge yet chic, the designs of Marc Jacobs most definitely appeal to the younger crowd. His designs are indisputably fabulous and are well matched for the young fashionistas that are ready to take this world by storm. Marc Jacobs is not just stylish, but is one of the more affordable designer lines. With various lines, there’s no denying that Marc Jacobs is a true hit with the younger crowd today.
  4. Erin Fetherston – This is one of the younger designers on the list that caters to the younger generation. She offers romantic and girly clothes resulting in a huge surge in the fashion industry. Her clothes are a little bit cute, understated yet still fierce. In fact, if you’ve watched Gossip Girl, Blair would most definitely be wearing Erin Fetherston’s clothing. You may have seen her design around about the celebrity world, as both Kirsten Dunst and Zooey Deschanel love Erin’s clothing.
  5. Chloé – If you want a girly-girl fashion line, then this is it. Chloé offers puffy dresses, lots and lots of chiffon, more chiffon and some of the most incredible shoes and accessories. Since 1952, Chloé has been designing clothing lines, but only recently surged in popularity in the last decade. It is Chloé that brought out the Paddington bag that was a hit with virtually everyone several years ago. You were an “It Girl” if you carried one of these bags, which resulted in the brand gaining a ton of new fans and becoming so popular among the younger generation.
  6. Luella Bartley – Bartley’s clothing designs are modern, young and totally wearable on a number of occasions. The younger generation loves Luella Bartley because her clothing designs are just what they want: punk rock jackets, mini-skirts and comic book tees. It’s just the perfect fit.
  7. Proenza Schouler – Proenza who? That’s probably what you are thinking, but you are really missing out if you don’t know who this fashion designer is, or should I say, these fashion designers. In 2003, two fashion designers met as students and went on to win the CFDA Perry Ellis Award for brand-new, fresh talent. The two designers, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, went from there to form the marvelous brand, Proenza Schouler, that many of the top fashion houses have become accustomed to already. Their pieces have intricate details and are tailored incredibly well creating one of the most sophisticated lines that cater to the younger generation.
  8. Alexander McQueen – There are many designers out there that not everyone understands, and Alexander McQueen is one of them. However, he has a unique artistic perspective that just has to be appreciated. You could say his clothing is architecture with his various collection representations of pure artistic ability and theatrics.
  9. Alexander Wang – Many say that this is the one designer they would wear every single day if they could. His collections are simple yet still fashion-forward and a bit edgy. His work proves to everyone that simple does not have to be boring and that it is the details that truly make a piece of clothing stand out.
  10. Stella McCartney – The signature look can be described as effortless and laid-back. All of her styles are chic, yet still so relaxed. Some collections have a youthful edge thanks to her mixture of rock & roll into her designs. One of the best things about Stella McCartney’s line is that she uses plant products rather than animal products, which has won over animal activist’s hearts!

Honorable Mentions

Although it’s impossible to fit all the top designers that cater to the younger crowd in a top 10 list, I’ve decided to make a section of honorable mentions. These designers are some of the best, but they offer more than just clothing for the younger crowd and are a bit more on the expensive side when compared to some of the ones listed above.

  1. Gucci – Modern, sexy, bold and young. That’s what describes Gucci. Catering to a younger demographic, Gucci is an older yet still strong fashion house that remains amongst the top brands today.
  2. Chanel – Classic, chic and sophisticated. Those three words can quickly sum up the Chanel brand. Chanel has been around for 100 years and has never backed down – not once. I don’t expect the brand to fall of the face of the Earth anytime soon.
  3. Dior – John Galliano is one of the most inspiring designers around and that’s exactly why you need to keep an eye on Dior. The designs that he pushes out next…well, you just never know what they might be.
  4. Calvin Klein – Many people don’t consider Calvin Klein to be good for the younger crowd, and in a number of ways, it isn’t. However, Calvin Klein is great for twenty-something’s that are looking for a chic, grown-up style without too much craziness. Calvin Klein always has something new, so it’s worth it to keep an eye on this brand if you are looking for a little bit of sophisticated and minimalism.