Three Fabulous Careers in Beauty

If you are the go-to girl in your group of friends when it comes to eyeliner, lipstick and blush emergencies or the one girl that can create an up-do or give a manicure like no one else can, then it may be time to use that talent to make some money.

When you think of beauty careers, you probably think of a cosmetologist (hairstylist) or esthetician (makeup artist), but there’s a lot more to the beauty industry than that. If you are a total beauty buff, then you might want to consider these three fabulous beauty-related careers: theater beauty artist, magazine beauty editor and image consultant. These are three great beauty careers that don’t require you to stand all day and cut hair yet will get you the money that you want/need while doing the thing that you love most!



Theater Beauty Artist

If you have a passion for both beauty and theater, becoming a theater beauty artist may be the ideal career for you. A theater beauty artist must know how to makeup impeccably well and know how to make the makeup stand out so that even those on the very back row of the theater can see the various expressions of the stage performers. The same is true about hair – the hair can’t be dull; it must be flirty and full so that every hair flip can be seen perfectly from every seat.

This type of career provides a wealth of opportunity for showcasing your own creativity. It also opens you up to various challenges that change from show to show and the daily surprises of the theater industry.

Magazine Beauty Editor

If you have a true knack for writing in addition to your passion of beauty, then becoming a beauty editor for a beauty magazine may be perfect. As a magazine beauty editor, you’ll need to know everything there is to know about the fashion industry from the latest trends to the latest items on the market. You will need to be able to offer your own opinion as a beauty editor and be able to not just inform your readers, but entertain them as well.

If you think this might be up your alley, you can try getting an internship at a magazine within the beauty department. Alternatively, you could start your very own blog. Start writing, as this is the best way to get your voice and opinions heard. You never know who might be reading!

Image Consultant

This doesn’t pertain to image on paper, but rather image in person. For those who need to appear in the public frequently, such as celebrities on the red carpet or Fortune 500 professionals at business events, someone is behind the way that they look from hair to makeup to nails. Someone has to be behind the scenes to ensure that the most flattering and appealing look is achieved. This is exactly what an image consultant does. It is a great way to use your aptitude for beauty, especially if you have great attention to detail, are well organized and know makeup and hairstyles inside and out.