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Stylists – Careers Within Fashion

A stylist is a career that many people have heard of all over the fashion world and outside of the fashion world. In the simplest of definitions, they are responsible for making sure that the garments and accessories are displayed properly on the models. They do this by adding make up to the model and making sure that the model is looking his or her best at all times. They look at the different needs that this particular client has and the clothing that they will be wearing, then they have to make decisions about what style of make up is going to work best for the overall appearance. They use a variety of products in their arsenal, which includes just about every hair care product and skin care product that you could ever think of. Stylists are also in charge of maintaining the look on the client for as long a period as is necessary.

Annual salaries of $25,000 to $40,000 is what someone can expect to make as a fashion stylist. Those numbers can be changed and you can make $16,000 at the low end, for those that are just starting out in the industry. You can also make six figures if you have the experience and education to put you above the other choices for stylists. It also has a lot to do with your reputation and which companies are interested in hiring you. Stylists are broken down into two sub categories, that is make up and personal. Make up is literally the people that apply make up, and personal is a scenario in which the stylist works with clothing and accessories to benefit the overall appearance.



Just like most of the careers in the fashion industry, the requirements are going to change depending on the companies that you are applying to and the need at the time. Most of them however will require a high school diploma, and a degree in fashion design or styling. You will also be required to have a portfolio most places that you go in order to show the work that you can do. All in all, a stylist can overcome requirement challenges if they know what they are doing and have excellent work.