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Specialties Within Fashion

People all over are always surprised with the number of careers that really exist in the fashion industry. But, there are also a number of specialties that you can consider depending on the type of career that you are looking for. You may be required to learn new skills and complete additional training to be considered for one of these specialties. Here are a few that we came up with to help young fashion students with their search.

Clothing Design – The design of clothing can be called a number of things, apparel design, garment design, or a few others. But, when it all is said and done, it is the design of clothing. This is a specialty in which the clothing is designed, produced, and sold by a professional in the fashion industry that is meant to cover the lower body or torso of a person. Dresses, t-shirts, pants, swimsuits, and jackets are all good examples.



Accessory Design – This is a specialty that sounds just like it is implied, a professional in the fashion industry that designs and sells objects that are to be worn in addition to the clothing that people are already wearing. Belts, hats, glasses, purses, and necklaces are all good examples of what an accessory designer would be working with on a daily basis.

Bridal Design – Bridal design is exactly what it sounds like as well. It is a fashion professional that has a hand in designing and creating wedding dresses for brides to wear during their wedding. They can also make the dresses for the mother of the bride and for the bridesmaids. Last but not least, they can also do accessories for the wedding as well to be worn with the dresses. Everything is usually formal for this wondrous design occasion.

Costume Design – This is one of the more fun specialties depending on where your creativity lies, but costume designers get to design and create the costumes that you see during Halloween and other events or holidays. You can also have the chance to work with actors and actresses that have different movie roles. Costume designers are often an important and vital part of a movie set. They are in charge of creating designs and costumes that will help someone look completely different.

Custom Design – Custom design is a scenario in which the fashion professional would alter, design, and create something based off of a need from an individual that requested it. A lot of times this could mean a custom made hat or suit, or just something that someone would want to be unique.

Fabric Design – Fabric design can also be called textile design in some circles, and is a specialty in which the fashion professional will design, create, and possibly sell the materials that another fashion professional would then use for their creations. They can produce wool, cloth, silk, and quite a few other raw materials that are commonly used.

Footwear Design – In this specialty, a fashion professional will design, create, and possible sell the items of clothing that people will put on their feet. Heels, boots, sandals, shoes, ballet shoes, socks, slippers, and anything else you can think of that has to do with a persons feet.

Historical Design – This is perhaps one of the more undervalued specialties, in which a professional in the fashion industry will design, create, and possibly sell something that is from a different period of time. Usually this specialty goes hand and hand with costume design and is used in movies and during the holidays. They may also be asked to do displays at museums too.