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Sales – Careers Within Fashion

The job of a salesperson is quite simple, and that is to sell the garments and accessories to consumers and retail stores. They are the ones that have to persuade these companies to commit to buying their fashion items from the salesperson’s company rather than someone else. It is their job to also look at what each retail store or consumer is looking for and match that with what they are selling, in order to provide the best fit possible for both sides. They have to know the product that they are selling, be proactive, and make things happen. The phrase, those aren’t going to sell themselves, is a perfect example. You can also find people within the sales department inviting retailers and consumers that are a higher priority to fashion shows to give them a first hand look at the product they are selling.

The annual salary for this career in sales will usually land you around the $15,000 to $45,000 mark. The number can be drastically more if you have prior sales experience. There really is no earning cap though, as most of the time commission plays a big part in the success of a sales person, unless you are working at a retail store. Those that get commission usually have a base starting salary, and then bonuses and commission for selling their products. Those that are good with communication and have experience in sales can earn six figures a year at one point in the fashion industry. It also depends partially on who it is that hired you as well.



The requirements that you need to have a career in fashion sales is going to depend on the company that you are trying to get hired by. A majority of the time a high school diploma or equivalent GED is all that is needed. Companies may also need you to pass a background check as well before your start of employment. Experience is going to be the biggest factor in whether or not you can land a higher paying job, and most fashion sales companies will require you to have experience in the industry before they will consider hiring you.