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Retail Management – Careers Within Fashion

Retail management is a career within the fashion industry that lets you be more involved with the public. The job of retain managers in fashion stores is to manage all of the employees and make sure that everything runs smoothly when dealing with the general public. They are also the people that are in charge of making schedules and ensuring that every employee of the fashion store is doing their jobs correctly and efficiently. One of the more important jobs that they have is to develop a plan of attack as far as sales go. They have to make sure that sales goals are met and that they are turning a profit, that way everyone is happy from top to bottom. Lastly, they are in charge of customer service at the highest level of the store. They are the ones that must field complaints from consumers and try and smooth everything out before it becomes a real problem.

The pay scale for a retail fashion manager will vary from $25,000 to $50,000 a year, mostly depending on the experience of the individual and the company that is doing the hiring. Another factor that can contribute to the amount that the manager would make over a year depends on the location that they are working in. Some areas around the U.S. are going to pay a lot more than others, simply because they are in the right location for fashion and have a higher number of customers. There may also be other money that is made by the number of sales they get, which is also called commission.



A background check, high school diploma or GED, and a few years of experience in a retail and customer service position are what you need to have the qualifications for a retail manager. This could vary from position to position and store to store, but that is the general consensus. The company that is doing the hiring may also require that the employee commit to a training program that will help them become a more successful retail manager.