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Photography – Careers Within Fashion

An excellent photographer is always going to be a necessity in the fashion industry. They are needed to take pictures of the items in question that are being displayed, and they are also used to take pictures of the models that are displaying the items. It is a pressure job because the company or client that hires you is always going to want to have the best shot of their product being displayed. This is another career in which a portfolio of your previous work is going to work wonders. Photographers will have to deal with the lighting in any room they shoot and the settings within the camera. They are also in charge of keeping copies of the work that they do and testing all of their equipment to make sure it is working when they need that money shot.

The annual salary of a photographer in fashion usually lands between $20,000 and $45,000. A majority of the time that will depend directly on the experience that you have and who is hiring you. Another difference may come if a photographer is self-employed or if they have the backing of a large employer that does commercial photography. Obviously most of the time those with a large employer are going to make more than those that are self-employed. Another difference between self-employed and employed fashion photographers is that the self-employed usually have to pay for all of their equipment out of pocket. When you work for a large commercial photography company, that stuff is usually going to be paid for.



Depending on who you ask, the requirements to become a fashion photographer are going to be different. Most of the time some sort of training or college level courses in photography will be required, and you will also be required to show a portfolio that demonstrates your skills with the camera. When you are dealing with a commercial company, they might require you to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion or photography. Usually work as an intern or assistant to another photographer is going to look great on your resume as well.