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Pattern Makers – Careers Within Fashion

A pattern maker is another career that you can have within the fashion industry, and one that maybe doesn’t have the glamor that the rest of the careers do because it is behind the scenes, but it is still important none-the-less. The job of the pattern maker is to take what the designers have come up with and break it down into smaller sections. Then they have to ensure that those pieces will be able to be put together by the sewers and the manufacturers that will be making the garment. They look for the best ways to divide the item into multiple pieces so that it can be easily put back together. Pattern makers work very closely with those that work in manufacturing in order to have the garment made right every time based off of their instruction.

The annual salary of a pattern maker ranges from $25,000 to $50,000, obviously those that are on the high end can reach upwards of $75,000, and those that are on the low end could end up only making $20,000. It all just depends on the situation, the experience, and the employer that will be considering hiring a certain pattern maker. Those that reside or work for a company on the eastern and western coasts of the United States will be able to make significantly more than those that work in other parts of the country.



Some experience in the industry of fashion is going to be needed most of the time along with a high school diploma or GED. Although there is not usually a requirement for a degree when you are applying for jobs as a pattern maker, it is still a good idea to take college courses or instruction that is related to your career field. This may give you a leg up on the other applicants, plus some companies will require that you complete these courses before employment will be considered.