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Modeling – Careers Within Fashion

One of the careers that we have all taken notice of in the past are those models that display the clothing and garments that were created by the designers. They are an instant attention grabber with their beauty and their job is to give retailers and everyone else in the business a preview of what the garments would look like when they are actually worn by someone. Modeling mostly entails walking down the runway when at fashion shows, and following the instructions of all of the other people that are in the industry that are making that show a possibility. Make up artists and stylists are going to be spending a lot of time with the models as well to help them look their best. Models usually keep a portfolio of all of their experience as well.

Most models are going to land in between the $20,000 and $40,000 dollar mark each year from their modeling work. That number can be more or less than those two numbers, depending on the experience and reputation of the model. Another aspect of how much they make on a given job depends on how much of their body is put on display. Those that have garments that are for the entire body are going to make a lot more than those models that are just displaying a hand or a foot. The majority of the time models don’t have any benefits that come with the pay that they receive. Their pay scale also relies on their contracts and how many they are able to sign, and the time that elapses in between those contracts.



The requirements to become a model are always going to be different from agency to agency. Most of the time though, if you are going to be hired by a client or an agency, you are going to need a portfolio that shows you are someone that should be a model. Your physical characteristics like height and weight are also going to be considered. Education is not really necessary beyond high school to land a modeling job if you have what it takes to look great on camera. Although a modeling certificate or degree in fashion could help you earn more.