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Featured Fashion Designers

Versace, Armani, Calvin Klein, Gaultier, Oscar de la Renta… We’ve all heard these famous designer names and seen their designs beautifully displayed on catwalks and red carpets. But who are these trendsetters and how did they become successful and well known?

If you’re thinking of starting your own career as a clothing designer, you’ve probably asked yourself that and other questions a million times. What does it take to be the next Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, or Carolina Herrera? How do famous stylists turn their creative passion into a successful and lasting career?



Here we provide a few articles on some of the most notable designers in the fashion world. While each followed his or her own path, they all ended up in the same place: The coveted world of big-name fashion and haute couture. Find out how by following the links below!