Fashion Schools In San Diego

San Diego has been a city that has landed on the fashion map a lot lately, as they have really stepped up fashion education and programs that help potential students get to where they want to be. There are 5 accredited fashion schools in San Diego, but we are going to take the time to look at only a few. These schools offer everything from a certificate to a bachelor’s degree, and sometimes beyond. There are a lot of opportunities in the fashion job market, considering how close San Diego is to one of the biggest fashion cities in the country, which is Los Angeles.

Top San Diego Fashion Schools

UC San Diego is going to be a school that jumps out at you, mainly because of the size of the school and the reputation that comes with it. Although it is not a school that is focused primarily on fashion, there are still programs and certificates that can help anyone looking to start a career in fashion on the west coast. The campus is large and is in the city, and the teachers there have the experience to help students truly reach their potential. There are areas such as fashion design and fashion merchandising which are offered at the school. It is not the cheapest school, but is on par with many of the other universities in California.



The College of the Sequoias has a student population of just over 13,000 and is a public two year college. It is in the city and has a large campus as well. The student to teacher ratio is not ideal at 34 to 1, but students can still get a quality fashion education. You can get certificates or associate’s degrees at this college too. It is a great start for those that want to eventually transfer to a four year school, as there are many 4 year schools in San Diego to transfer to.

What Are The Opportunities Like?

There are a lot of employment opportunities in San Diego, and it depends on what specialization within the fashion industry you are going to pursue. San Diego is also fairly close to Los Angeles, and a lot of fashion employees end up moving back and forth between the two cities depending on which career they are going to pursue. Those that want to work on costume design usually take the long drive to get to Los Angeles, for example.