Fashion Schools In London

There is no doubt about it, most people would love to study design or fashion in the London area, it is one of the most sought after locations in the world for those kinds of studies. It doesn’t matter which type of degree or certificate program you are after, you can’t beat what the London schools have to offer, plus you get to experience the London culture as well if you haven’t already. There is no shortage of amazing schools in the area for fashion, but we just looked at a few to give you an idea of what the schools are like.

Here’s a few of the Top London Fashion Schools

The first college that we are going to take a look at is the London College of Fashion. It is a well known college that is one of the world’s leading educators in the fashion industry. This is a college in which students will be challenged and they will have to let their creativity be influenced by things like social and political issues. This university has built some of the most impressive relationships with their past alumni and with companies. You would be hard pressed to find a better college out there if you are serious about fashion. Keep in mind it is not easy to get a place at this prestigious college.



Saint Martins in London is another school that we want to talk about. It is definitely one of the most renowned art schools in Europe. The school is really about challenging yourself as an artist and taking risks. The boundaries of creativity and fashion are constantly pushed, and the students and lecturers of this school are making sure that they are at the forefront of it all. The alumni of this school is amazing as well, with names like Stella McCartney and also the late Alexander McQueen.

London Has It All!

Those that want to have a career in fashion or any other art program for that matter have probably dreamed of studying abroad. One of the best places to do just that is in London. If you are already in Europe, you certainly already know about the rich history and names that have come out of the fashion industry in that area. The simple fact is, it is a place where a lot of careers are born.