Fashion Schools In Dallas

Texas is a diverse state that has a hand in just about everything, and Dallas isn’t any different. When it comes to fashion cities, Dallas is not the biggest but certainly is not small by any stretch of the imagination. There are plenty of fashion jobs and schools in which you can obtain a fashion education. There are universities that have fashion as a main focus, and then there are universities that aren’t focused around fashion, but have a substantial fashion department. Take a look at a few of the schools we have picked out as stand outs.

Dallas Fashion Schools

We take out first look at Wade College, which is a very small for profit private school. It is also a 2 years school offering an associate’s degree. Their student to teacher ratio is 19 to 1, and they only have a little over 230 students at the college attending. It is located in a city environment, but is still incredibly small. You can get a fashion education at this school, although it may not be your first choice when it comes to availability and fashion focus.



El Centro College is another option that students in Dallas can take advantage of. It is a 2 year public college that has a fashion department, but by no means is it a fashion college. The student enrollment numbers are just over 9,000 on the year. The student to teacher ratio is 16 to 1, and you can study courses such as fashion design, merchandising, and fashion marketing. All of which are vital to a career in fashion. The advantage of going to a school like this is that you will pay less and not have to worry about availability as much.

Next is the South University, The Art Institute of Dallas. It is a 4 year college and they are for-profit. It is also a private university as well. The population of students is just over 2,000 and the student to teacher ratio is 20 to 1. The campus is small and it is in a city environment. You can earn a certificate, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree. As far as fashion education goes, this is one of the more well rounded fashion schools in the area if you can get in and afford it.

Employment Opportunities & Job Outlook

There are just over 379,000 fashion jobs in all of Texas, and about 75,000 of those jobs can be found in Dallas. It is a plentiful area for fashion careers to see success. The annual salary has gone up gradually over the last few years, and the job growth has been steady. The majority of students that complete fashion degrees in Dallas end up with Associate’s degrees. So, you can obtain a 2 year degree and still see a lot of success career wise in this area.