Fashion Schools In Chicago

The majority of fashion professionals in Chicago graduated from one of the five accredited colleges in the area. There are nine different types of degree and certificate programs that are offered by schools in the area as well. In 2010, about 448 students completed fashion courses, and of those 448 about 387 completed bachelor’s degree programs. Although Illinois is not considered one of the larger fashion states in the country, Chicago is booming as far as fashion goes.

Top Chicago Fashion Schools

Let’s start with the first of 3 schools that we are going to highlight in the Chicago area. There are more schools to choose from, but these 3 stand out to us. It is the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It is a 4 year college that is not for profit, and they offer a bachelor’s degree, a certificate for after the bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree. The student population can be found at a little over 3,150 according to the U.S. Department of Education. The student to teacher ratio is ten to one.



Next is the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. It is a 4 year school that is for profit and private. Of course the student population is a bit lower because it is a private school at just over 1,800 students. The student to teacher ratio is 27 to 1. They offer associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees. The fashion subjects that are covered include fashion marketing, fashion design, and fashion.

Last but not least, the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. They have a certificate program along with an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree program. It is a private and for-profit school. The student to teacher ratio is 20 to 1, and the student population is just under 3,000. The courses in fashion that are included by the school are fashion design, fashion marketing, and fashion merchandising.

Employment Opportunities & Job Outlook

A majority of the 198,130 jobs that are fashion related in Illinois can be found in Chicago, just over 130,000 to be exact. The state doesn’t have staggering numbers as far as fashion related careers, but the city is definitely competing as one of the better cities to start a career in fashion in. Job growth has remained steady over the last five years, and the annual salaries have gone up over the last five years in the area.