Fashion Schools in Charlotte NC

The area of Charlotte, NC, is not known for their fashion influence around the globe, but that still doesn’t mean that they are not a major player when it comes to fashion. Simply said, there are some places that are on another level when it comes to fashion, and that is not Charlotte, NC. But, the fashion schools in Charlotte NC are going to be an excellent choice for those students looking to gain an affordable fashion education. Regardless of the status of the city in the fashion industry, there are also plenty of jobs and opportunities for graduates as well. It is a competitive market, but there is plenty of room for success.

Top Fashion Schools in Charlotte NC

We start our list with one of the 2 accredited colleges in the area for fashion, with Johnson & Wales University. It is a 4 year school that deals primarily with associate’s degrees. There are about 27 students for every 1 teacher. The number of students that are enrolled is just under 2,500. The campus itself is small, and it is located inside the city. They have plenty of opportunities for future fashion students, and have people that are experienced within the industry teaching at their university. If you are going to be attending school in the area and want a degree in fashion, this is definitely a school you should look into.



The Art Institute of Charlotte is one of the other premier fashion colleges in the area. Although this college focuses on a variety of things related to the arts, they still have a large fashion presence that cannot be overlooked. The campus is located in a rural environment, and has a student to teacher ratio of 17 to 1. They have just over 1,000 students enrolled, and they offer certificate programs, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees. As far as the state of North Carolina goes, this is most definitely one of the better options for fashion students that want to pursue a career in fashion long-term.

Employment Opportunities

Out of the 140,000 fashion jobs located in North Carolina, 32,000 of those are located in Charlotte. Those may not be staggering numbers, but it is a smaller market than some of the larger cities around the country and the world. These numbers tell you that there is still a sizable market that is growing, and has grown over the last 5 years. This means there are going to be opportunities out there for fashion designers and other fashion career choices to make a name for themselves.