Fashion Schools In Atlanta

A career in fashion in any city is going to be an exciting, fast-paced, challenge that can be very rewarding. Students that earn a degree in the field of fashion usually begin their career after education with an internship. An internship is always the next logical step because there are some things that you just can’t learn in a classroom. You can find a lot of colleges in Atlanta that offer some sort of fashion program. We have researched a few and you can find them below.

Atlanta Fashion Schools

The first option you will have is an associate’s program that is offered by Bauder College. You can get that associate’s degree in fashion merchandising or fashion design. Students will learn a variety of things from illustration to draping and construction. The fashion design focuses on the design of clothing and the fashion merchandising is a more overall fashion world experience. Students in this case will learn to buy and sell clothing.



The Art Institute of Atlanta offers a larger level of education with both associate’s programs and bachelor’s degree programs in a variety of fields. They even offer a retail management and fashion program. This is a program that focuses on fashion students that are leaning towards learning the retail side of things. Things like inventory, cost analysis, buying and selling, and merchandising will be taught. The students will also get to learn how to run a runway show.

CAU, or the Clark Atlanta University, is a part of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities system. HBCUs is an organization that really encourages people of every race and ethnic background to apply and become students. The real difference in HBCU colleges is that they were established primarily for African-Americans that couldn’t go to colleges that had a white majority of students in the past. Now a days, HBCU is involved with making sure that the learning environment is a good one that builds on the culture and history of African-Americans. AT CAU you can get a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and fashion design. They also encourage their students to study abroad as well to expand their horizons. They have programs in Milan, Paris, and London.

The American InterContinental University is another option, as they offer a large array of degree programs for those students interested in fashion. One of the key advantages to the AIU is that even if you are extremely busy you can still get a degree with the right schedule. They also work hard to make sure that their programs and instructors are up to date and current. AIU gives students the opportunity to earn an associate’s of arts degree in either fashion marketing or fashion design. They also offer bachelor’s degrees in fashion design, fashion marketing, costume design, or the combination of both fashion marketing and fashion design. It is always good to have the selection so that you can branch out and possibly specialize, you can find a lot more of their information on their website at