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Fashion Journalism

Do you watch the Oscars and other award shows just to comment on what the stars are wearing? Maybe you have a certain talent, or an eye for picking up new trends before anyone else does. If so, you’re going to find a fabulous career as a fashion journalist.

To break into the fashion journalism world, it’s important to find the right educational institution that can teach you the tools you need to start working as a successful fashion writer. There are specific schools all over the country that offer classes to help you become a fashion journalist. Brooks College in Long Beach, California is a practical, career-focused school that offers a number of related degrees to get you moving towards a job as a fashion writer in no time. IADT, the International Academy of Design & Technology, is located in Chicago and offers Associate and Bachelor degrees in the industry.



Wherever you decide to go to study fashion journalism, it’s a good idea to do some research. Is it important to you to live near fashion capitals like New York, Los Angeles, or even Milan or Paris? The fashion industry is so large today that there are many different kinds of fashion writers out there. Besides the more obvious “couture” culture to report about, fashion journalists may stake out their own identity by writing on new trends like “wearable technology,” focusing on celebrity fashions, or researching consumer trends. While it is not necessary to choose your niche before entering a fashion degree program, it’s always good to keep your eye on where you’re headed!

It’s easy to get more information about fashion journalism. You can find all you need to know for your career by first familiarizing yourself with information about schools for fashion writers. Check out Top Fashion Schools to get all the best and latest information conveniently from the Web.