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Fashion Designers – Careers Within Fashion

A designer is one of the most prestigious jobs that you can obtain within the fashion industry. Basically you are the creator behind the items that are being modeled and sold all over the world. You can also be an accessory designer or a clothing designer, depending on where your passion really lies. They take all of the research and information that they can to make a garment or accessory of their own based on current trends and projected future trends. Fashion designers also have to correlate with all of the other people that work in fashion in order to have success and see their product go from a vision to something that is sold in stores. Eventually they will have their designs shown at fashion shows and that will have a huge impact on the success of their career as a fashion designer.

Designers in the fashion industry have one of the largest and diverse pay scales, ranging anywhere from $30,000 a year at the entry level to six figures for the designers that are established and well known. Most of the time they are able to make more when they have the backing and are employed by a fashion design company rather than being self-employed. The skills and the company that they are employed by are the two ingredients to determining how much they will be paid.



A degree is going to be required in fashion design in most cases, although you may be able to get by with just a high school diploma or a GED. Although those that get by with a high school diploma or GED usually have relevant experience that they can show to the potential employers. The portfolio is going to be the biggest deal breaker, as it directly shows the employers who you are creatively and how far you have come as a designer. Some education in other areas such as marketing or fashion marketing may also be required for certain positions.