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Fashion Designer Salary

The average pay in May of 2010 was $64,530 a year. The lower end of that number tends to earn around $30,000, which is mostly your entry-level or part-time designers. The higher end of that number is over six figures, which is your established and reputable designers that have experience in the industry. There are going to be plenty of factors that weigh in to how much you would get paid as a fashion designer. Who you are employed by, where you work, how long you have worked there, what other kind of relevant experience you have, and things of that nature.



In 2010, the job outlook was basically set to stay the course. There wasn’t going to be a whole lot of change, and that is expected to continue throughout the next decade. You won’t see a down-slide, but you won’t see a whole lot of growth either. There is always going to be room for growth to happen in a lot of specialized careers within the industry. New York and California are where you will find the best opportunities for jobs, simply because that is where the biggest fashion presence seems to be. In fact, on average 3 out of every 4 fashion designer jobs are going to be in one of those two great states.

Skills that can Increase How Much a Fashion Designer Makes

There are plenty of skills and talents that you will need if you wish to have a successful career in the fashion industry. These can be a talent for design, excellent communication skills, being creative, an out of the box thinker, and being able to work with others to achieve goals. Even if you have all of these wonderful traits added together, you may still be a shade under the requirements for the position that you want to apply for. There are going to be many positions that you want to apply for that will require a college degree.

That is why when you are looking at what you want to do in the industry, the first thing you should do is find out if a degree is going to be required to gain employment with that career choice. Most of the time even if they are not required, many of the candidates that land the job have degrees at the college level. Even if it is just an associate’s degree in a related field, that could end up making the difference and giving you the leg up you need on the other applicants.