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Fashion Degrees

There are plenty of skills and talents that you will need if you wish to have a successful career in the fashion industry. These can be a talent for design, excellent communication skills, being creative, an out of the box thinker, and being able to work with others to achieve goals. Even if you have all of these wonderful traits added together, you may still be a shade under the requirements for the position that you want to apply for. There are going to be many positions that you want to apply for that will require a college degree.

That is why when you are looking at what you want to do in the industry, the first thing you should do is find out if a degree is going to be required to gain employment with that career choice. Most of the time even if they are not required, many of the candidates that land the job have degrees at the college level. Even if it is just an associate’s degree in a related field, that could end up making the difference and giving you the leg up you need on the other applicants.



Common Courses – Your Pursuit to a Fashion Degree

A majority of the time you will need to show that you took some courses that are related to the fashion world or the degree that you obtained. The kind of courses that you will be required to take if you want to have success in this industry will change depending on the school you are going to and the type of career you are looking to enter.

Lets start at the associate’s degree level. There you will usually end up taking art history, garment construction, computer classes, fashion drawing/illustration, fashion fundamentals, and of course your primary academic classes. You may also be required to take pattern making, textiles, and tailoring depending on the school you are going to and the type of career you are looking to enter once you are out of school.

At the bachelor’s level, you will start to take a variety of advanced courses, such as advanced pattern making, computer aided design, colors, advanced garment construction, ethnic and regional design, fashion theory, and fashion design. You may also be involved with 2D and 3D design classes as well that are related to fashion. There are also a host of other classes that you will most likely take that include portfolio design, marketing, modeling, show production, photography, and a few others. There are cases in which you might also need to complete an internship, thesis, or final project in order to get the degree.

The master’s degree programs usually will take technology, fashion trends, and business and marketing to the next level in a fashion sense. There will also be other classes in which you will design and create accessories and clothing that have to meet certain requirements as well. Much like a bachelor’s degree, you may have to compete with other designers or write a thesis to gain your degree. They will also require you to create a portfolio as well.

The Associate’s Degree

It really depends on which type of career within the fashion industry you are pursuing when it comes to which type of degree you are going to obtain. Those that are looking to get into fashion design, sketching, fashion assistants, pattern makers, and the other careers that are given the task of actually creating the fashion literally are going to want to get an associate’s degree in fashion design.

Those that want to be on the business side of things, which includes sales, marketing, buying, retail, and a few other careers that are very similar are going to want to get an associate’s degree in fashion merchandising. An associate’s degree in fashion modeling is perfect for those that want to be on the display side of things that are not related to retail. That can include models, photographers, assistant photographers, and stylists. There are quite a few requirements you will have to meet to achieve any of these degrees, which includes basic requirements in addition to the fashion coursework.

The Bachelor’s Fashion Degree

A bachelor’s degree in the area of fashion design is again going to be intended for those that are pursuing careers that are directly related to the designing and creation of fashion accessories or garments. You can also consider a bachelor’s degree in marketing if that is the side of the coin that you fall on. This is perfect for those people that are going to be working with fashion marketing, or even become a fashion designer in the future.

A fashion merchandising bachelor’s degree is for those that want to take their career a step further in the marketing, merchandising, and business side of the fashion industry. It doesn’t really matter which degree you want as far as the requirements go. Most of these bachelor’s programs will require you to have a high school diploma or a GED, and good ACT scores, along with a good GPA throughout your high school career.

The Master’s Fashion Degree

A master’s degree in the field of fashion is your one stop way to open up a plethora of options for you within the industry. A majority of the employers out there will take your master’s degree as a sign of your commitment, skill, and talent when it comes to fashion. They will also expect more from you that many of the others that have lesser education and experience.

One of the master’s degrees that you can get is in fashion design. These are for those students and professionals that really want to get in on the upper echelon of designing and creating fashion accessories and clothing. This degree is really meant for those that want to be at the managerial level when it comes to fashion.

The Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) is also another master’s degree choice that you can obtain in order to really set yourself a part from anyone else that is applying for the positions that you want. It is also a great way to set yourself up should you decide that you want a career away from fashion later on in life. The MBA is really applicable to almost any industry and should make it a smooth transition should you decide you want to leave.

The requirements for a master’s degree in a fashion related or business related field are that you have a bachelor’s degree. Great GMAT and GRE scores are going to help you as well. A good GPA during your college career is also essential. Although a master’s degree is not needed in some cases when you are applying for jobs at the top of the food chain, it is still a great option to really stand out and further your career options.