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Career Options in Fashion

There are many ways to get involved in the fashion industry. For the more design minded, with an eye towards one day creating their own lines, working as an apprentice or an assistant for a professional designer would offer invaluable insight into the industry. In fact, most designers put in their time over the years by working their way through the ranks.

For those individuals who are more interested in a focus on fashion marketing, it might be helpful to get involved at the business level by working as a marketing assistant or advertising intern. Fashion marketers must also have a good sense of the fashion industry, so working for a design house in any entry level position would certainly provide a helpful perspective.



Many department stores and boutiques offer entry-level ‘buyer’ positions that would be a good way to get involved with fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising offers many avenues to follow, including the following:

  • Assistant Merchandiser, Assistant Merchandise Stylist, or Customer Service Representative for a fashion manufacturer;
  • Assistant Sales Manager or Showroom Sales Representative in the fashion wholesaling business;
  • Department Manager, Assistant Buyer, Assistant Fashion Promotion/Special Events Coordinator, or Visual Merchandising Assistant for a fashion retailer;
  • Buying Office Assistant for a resident buying office;
  • Advertising Representative or Stylist for an advertising agency.

To start your fashion career, find a fashion school or colleges here. All of our recommended schools can provide you the information you need to begin, including campus locations, available courses, and degree programs. Online fashion degree programs are also available.