Bottega Veneta

In 1996, Bottega Veneta’s leather fashion house was founded making it the primary choice among the Studio 54 crowd with Christmas presents being purchase from the New York location by Andy Warhol. At this time, the fashion house was a family-owned company that was ran by a husband and wife team (Laura and Vittorio Moltedo) and was known for their critically acclaimed woven leather, incredibly soft and handmade bags.

Bottega Veneta looked like it was going to be a huge part of history surrounding the fashion industry, but that was only before the Gucci Group came into play. The Gucci Group took $60 million in 2001 to acquire 2/3 of the fashion house so that it could have the financial backing for a successful and extensive re-launch. It was also before Tomas Maier was appointed as the company’s creative director – Giles Deacon had been the former head designer. The revamp done by Maier included staff, uniforms, stationary and the company’s headquarters. The company’s designs also began to have more of a sophisticated appeal and collections began to extend to exotic leather shoes, cashmere knits, laptop case cover and homeware ranges. Maier reiterated that the focus was to remain on niche products and accessory lines.



Maier was born in Germany but studied in Paris and is widely known as a luxury goods designers. He was a designer for nine years at Hermes for their womenswear and launched his very own collection in 1998. He is now, and has been for years, considered the fashion designer to keep an eye on.