Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is a fashion designer known for bringing the shapes of both men and women into an outfit. She doesn’t believe that men should be without a little bit of femininity and does not believe that women are simply Barbie dolls. She simply believes that there is more to each and every person than their gender, and this shows in her work. Her designs are romantically personal and modern yet subtle and expressively aesthetic.

Demeulemeester was born in 1959 in Belgium and studied at the Antwerp’s Royal Academy. She graduated there in 1981 at the top of her class – part of the Antwerp Six (a fantastically expressive group of fashion designers).



Alongside her husband, her own label was launched in 1985 and made a debut in 1993 in Paris for her womenswear line. Three years later, she was designing clothing for men. She went to make a name for herself – or at least created a bit of a stigma around her designs – as her clothing almost always took on the color of black and an unfinished look. With this, though, she became a well-known designer in fashion throughout the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s when fashion was beginning to deconstruct.

Demeulemeester’s designs are 100% unique and do not give into the current fads of the industry. With her unique collections, she has an incredibly loyal fan- and customer-base that only continues to expand. She has expanded her area of expertise into much more than just clothing for men and women, as she has successfully designed both shoe lines as well as accessory collections. Currently, her items are sold throughout the world in more than 30 different countries. She uses natural, high quality materials rather than low-quality, synthetic fabrics. Her designs bring a bit of edge to sensuality creating an incredibly intriguing and unique design with soft layers and polished fashion design.