Agent Provocateur

When it comes to sexy lingerie, it is the name Agent Provocateur that most scream in excitement. Joseph Corre and Serena Rees, the inventors of this design label, founded this company back in 1994. The duo have extravagant yet seductive and wistful lingerie designs. If you follow fashion news and celebrities frequently, you will know that when a hot celebritity enters an Agent Provocateur store, it is all over the tabloids and the internet. Not only is for the celebrity being popular, but because that celebrity has entered into a store full of crotchless panties and high-heeled, fluffy slippers – which are just a couple of the potential purchases that could be made inside.

However, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever find out what was actually purchased – unless you are the lucky person they are purchasing the goods for behind closed doors – as the store has secrets to their VIP dressing room. And the shopgirl, Corre’s mom, is sworn to secrecy and has no intention on revealing those secrets.



The married couple designs a variety of lingerie and accessories, including jewelry, stockings, shoes and leather pieces. They debuted a perfume back in 2000, which quickly became an award-winning fragrance, and went on to design a number of bedroom and bathroom items, such as lotions, candles and nipple balm. Their boutiques offered racy window displays that anyone familiar with the brand would recognize in a split second. The website offers nothing less nor do the product’s commercials. The couple’s passion can be seen in their boutiques, their website, their designs and everything that they do. Agent Provocateur has been previewed on display in 1997 and 2000 in the V&A’s Cutting Edge Exhibition and The Design Museum’s “The Inside Out” show respectively.

Agent Provocateur, as the name slightly suggests, is a brand full of passion, erotica and sexual confidence, but all in spectacularly sensual and savvy taste.